Netflix canceled «Shadow and Bone» and canceled the «Six of Crows» spin-offs

Netflix canceled the series «Shadow and Bone» after 2 seasons and canceled the spin-off series «Six of Crows». The platform did not give any official reasons.

The Hollywood Reporter speculated that the decision was affected by the writers' and actors' strikes in Hollywood. Some people think that a third season would not have appeared until late 2024 or early 2025 at the earliest, and a long hiatus would have reduced interest in the project.

This show is based on two fantasy cycles, «Shadow and Bone» and «Six of Crows» by Leigh Bardugo. The writer shared on social media that she is upset and very disappointed about the news. Also, many cast members and staff who worked on the series wrote touching posts about the incident.

Thousands of fans are also disappointed and disagree with the decision of the streaming service. In social media there are many discussions and arguments, and fans of the Grishaverse universe are taking various actions, which want to bring the attention of Netflix and other platforms to the unfairness of the decision to close the project.

What can I do now to take the chance to help the project?

On platform X, previously known as Twitter, you are encouraged to write posts using certain hashtags in order to be featured in global social media trends.

The hashtags to use are #SaveShadowAndBone, #SixOfCrowsSpinoff, #SaveSixOfCrowsSpinoff.

Fans are re-watching season 1 and 2 to bring the project back to the top in terms of views at the moment. This option will help if Netflix is available in your country.

Suggested to rate the series highly on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) platform, thereby increasing its rating.


A petition has been created and so far almost 100,000 people have signed it. Actors, writers and Leigh herself have posted a link to the petition on their social media accounts.

You can sign the petition here:


Fans have also organized a fundraiser to buy placement on billboards. So far, over $4,000 dollars has been raised.

The link to the fundraiser:


Among other things, fans of the universe are collecting videos in which they are asked to share their impressions of the project, what the cast means to them and tell why the series should be extended. If you want to support this flash mob, you can send your videos to our email, and afterwards we will pass the materials to the initiators.